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n. Music
A sixty-fourth note.


(Music, other) music a note having the time value of one sixty-fourth of a semibreve. Usual US and Canadian name: sixty-fourth note

six′ty-fourth′ note`

a musical note having one sixty-fourth the time value of a whole note.
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Noun1.hemidemisemiquaver - a musical note having the time value of a sixty-fourth of a whole note
musical note, note, tone - a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound; "the singer held the note too long"


n (Mus) → Vierundsechzigstel (→ note f) nt
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researchers Stephen Nowicki and Peter Marler explain that before thesonagraph, researchers had to "annotate birdsong on musicalstaff," using Western musical notation such as the crotchet([crochet]) (see Arni's "salutation") and quaver([quaver]) (his "excitable") and semiquaver([semi-quaver]) ("territorial") and demisemiquaver (for"preemptive attack") and hemidemisemiquaver (for"night terror").
In music, a hemidemisemiquaver is equal to what part of a semibreve?
And the large pieces of music are composed Of somewhat smaller pieces, movements, say, And then they of subaltern passages, phrases, Clusters, measures, two by two into the ark That is a covenant with shapely silence, Down to the final hemidemisemiquaver.