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n. Music
A sixty-fourth note.


(Music, other) music a note having the time value of one sixty-fourth of a semibreve. Usual US and Canadian name: sixty-fourth note

six′ty-fourth′ note`

a musical note having one sixty-fourth the time value of a whole note.
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Noun1.hemidemisemiquaver - a musical note having the time value of a sixty-fourth of a whole note
musical note, note, tone - a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound; "the singer held the note too long"


n (Mus) → Vierundsechzigstel (→ note f) nt
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The conductor barely knows the difference between a crotchet and a hemidemisemiquaver."
In their publication "How Do Birds Sing?"researchers Stephen Nowicki and Peter Marler explain that before thesonagraph, researchers had to "annotate birdsong on musicalstaff," using Western musical notation such as the crotchet([crochet]) (see Arni's "salutation") and quaver([quaver]) (his "excitable") and semiquaver([semi-quaver]) ("territorial") and demisemiquaver (for"preemptive attack") and hemidemisemiquaver (for"night terror").
In music, a hemidemisemiquaver is equal to what part of a semibreve?