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A hydrate in which the molecular ratio of water molecules to anhydrous compound is 1:2.

hem′i·hy′drat′ed adj.


(Chemistry) chem a hydrate in which there are two molecules of substance to every molecule of water
ˌhemiˈhydrated adj


(ˌhɛm ɪˈhaɪ dreɪt)

a hydrate in which there are two molecules of the compound for each molecule of water.
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Hemihydrate takes place hydration reaction immediately after mixing with water hence make the plaster high in solubility [10].
Their computer simulations, which subjected the virtual ingredients to the extreme conditions of Neptune's mantle, show the water and ammonia come together in an unexpected way: The chemicals create a mixture called ammonia hemihydrate, which is a rare and little understood compound.
Ceramics such as calcium sulfate hemihydrate (plaster of Paris), silicate-based glasses, and calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum), and calcium phosphates are used for producing implant devices and bone graft.
Chlorogenic acid hemihydrate (PubChem CID: 24981351); Phenylephrine hydrochloride (PubChem CID: 5284443); Acetylcholine chloride (PubChem CID: 6060); Nomega-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (PubChem CID: 135193); Apamin (PubChem CID: 16218850); Charybdotoxin (PubChem CID: 56842037); Indometacin (PubChem CID: 3715); Bradykinin (PubChem CID: 439201); Sodium nitroprusside anhydrous (PubChem CID: 11963579).
The better known name for calcium sulphate hemihydrate contains a European capital city.
Forest, "Osteoblast adherence and resorption activity of isolated osteoclasts on calcium sulphate hemihydrate," Biomaterials, vol.
This particular molecule could form either the monohydrate or hemihydrate in the drying stage of granulation.
To obtain composite gypsum binders we have conducted a series of tests: the optimal size distribution of the active mineral additives in the composite gypsum binders was determined by a laser granulometry method, the required amount of mineral additives in the binder was selected according to the concentration of calcium oxide contained in special formulations comprising an aqueous suspension of hemihydrate gypsum, portland cement and active mineral additives.
Similar studies were performed by Liu et al[9]using a composite of calcium sulfate hemihydrate (CSH), collagen and nanohydroxyapatite (nHAC) and designated as CSH/nHAC.
The active ingredient of BETIMOL is timolol hemihydrate and is available in concentrations of 0.