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A hydrate in which the molecular ratio of water molecules to anhydrous compound is 1:2.

hem′i·hy′drat′ed adj.
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(Chemistry) chem a hydrate in which there are two molecules of substance to every molecule of water
ˌhemiˈhydrated adj
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(ˌhɛm ɪˈhaɪ dreɪt)

a hydrate in which there are two molecules of the compound for each molecule of water.
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Gypsum is a mineral (calcium sulfate dihydrate) that can be processed to plaster (calcium sulfate hemihydrate) by heating (150[degrees]C).
Transdermal E2 hemihydrate patches (Climara Forte, Bayer, Istanbul, Turkey), which were preferred to prime the endometrium, were started on day 3 of menstruation at a dosage of 100 mcg/day for the first 4 days, 200 mcg/day for the next 4 days, and 300 mcg/day for the last 4 days.
R-(-) apomorphine hydrochloride hemihydrate (Sigma Taufkirchen, Germany) was dissolved in saline containing 0.1% ascorbic acid.
The [beta]-hemihydrate of calcined WG (recycled plaster) as a low-energy material can be produced by the reversible reaction between gypsum dihydrate and gypsum hemihydrate in an electric oven at 180[degrees]C [14].
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Calcium sulfate dihydrate (Sigma-Aldrich, India) was heated at 110[degrees]C for 3 h in an electric oven (Universal Oven Memmert Life 600, Schwabach, Germany) for conversion into a hemihydrate form (CaS[O.sub.4] x 1/2 [H.sub.2]O) [14].
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The comparison made between the results and data base shows that the crystal form of both gypsum plaster powder selected for this research are consist almost exclusively of one phase, which is hemihydrate. Hemihydrate takes place hydration reaction immediately after mixing with water hence make the plaster high in solubility [10].
Their computer simulations, which subjected the virtual ingredients to the extreme conditions of Neptune's mantle, show the water and ammonia come together in an unexpected way: The chemicals create a mixture called ammonia hemihydrate, which is a rare and little understood compound.
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