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(ˌhɛmɪˈəʊlə) or


(Music, other) music a rhythmic device involving the superimposition of, for example, two notes in the time of three. Also called: sesquialtera
[New Latin, from Greek hēmiolia ratio of one to one and a half, from hemi- + (h)olos whole]
hemiolic adj
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(ˌhɛm iˈoʊ lə)

n., pl. -las.
a musical rhythmic pattern of syncopated beats with two beats in the time of three or three beats in the time of two.
[1590–1600; < Medieval Latin hēmiolia < Greek hēmiolía the ratio of one and a half to one, feminine of hēmiolíos half as large again]
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Minuet-- reminiscent of Barber's Souvenirs, a lovely, graceful "pas de deux." The exchange of melodic voices between the two parts is captivating and musically effective throughout this dance, and presents opportunities for delicate expressiveness contrasted with playful hemiolas;
The waltz's lilting and lulling tone, its effectively placed hesitations and hemiolas, and its ingratiating chromatic details suggest that Satie took to the genre quite readily.
Brahms's radicalism is displayed in his mindboggling (for his time) rhythmic complexities and his obsession with three against two and hemiolas.
The original work, replete with outstanding ideas, magnificent melodies (and texts!), hemiolas and the like, is, of course, far more intriguing than any reconstruction or revision.
Accentual inversions, cross-rhythms, hemiolas, and related rhythmic play are in fact fundamental to Faure's music in toto.
By contrast with Elliott's Musica Britannica edition of 1957, there are no bar-lines between the stave lines; quavers and smaller values are beamed even when sung to separate syllables; ranges are stated for each part at the beginning of each piece; there are ties instead of double-length bars (a computer's preference?) for coloration hemiolas; and suggestions are supplied for the division of the music into full and solo passages.
In contrast to these, the predominant metrical accent in the other correnti, which by default may be presumed to be Italian, is a lilting triple metre often with cross-rhythms produced by hemiolas at cadences (ex.6).
The composer does not shy away from the complexity and diversity of Latin American rhythms, with plenty of syncopations, hemiolas, additive rhythms (as in 3+3+2), and meter changes.
Rhythmically, there are hemiolas, cross-rhythms, and changing meters, which add to the difficulty.
10-12, bridging 1P and 2P, and several later examples such as 2K, in addition to its hemiolas. The elision of phrases also contracts some four-measure phrases into three measures, as 1Tb (1) elides with 2T (mm.