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n. hemiparesis, debilidad muscular que afecta un lado del cuerpo. V.: hemiparesia.
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While not having crises, the patient exhibits intelligence below expected levels, allopsychic disorientation, and left hemiparesis.
Hemiparesis affects 325,000 individuals each year, according to the National Stroke Association.
Patient 2, a 46-year-old man, was hospitalized after acute right hemiparesis. One day later, a left upper-extremity PICC line was inserted at bedside by the PICC nurse.
Consultation with our pediatric neurologist verified the fact that Joe demonstrated a profound left hemiparesis (paralysis of the left side of his body)...
Patients were eligible for inclusion in this study if they met the following criteria: diagnosis of acute (< 7 d after onset) stroke (World Health Organization definition and clinical examination in combination with brain computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] scan) accompanied by a hemiparesis of the upper limb (score > 0 on National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale motor item of the upper limb).
They address clinical manifestations such as hemiparesis and other types of motor weakness, sensory abnormalities, cerebellar ataxia, cognitive and behavioral manifestations, headache, visual dysfunction and symptoms, vestibular syndromes and vertigo, auditory disorders, abnormal movements, seizures, sleep-wake disturbances, coma and abnormal consciousness, aphasia, agitation and delirium, memory loss, dementia, mood disorders, muscle and peripheral nerve manifestations, cardiac and autonomic manifestations, dysarthria, dysphagia and aspiration, and respiratory dysfunction, and various vascular topographic syndromes and their clinical manifestations, pathogenesis, imaging, complications, and other facets.
Prophylaxis makes sense when people have one or more attacks a week; when acute medications fail or are used too much; and when migraines come with a prolonged aura or worrisome neurological symptoms, such as hemiparesis, Dr.
Seventy one (59.2%) had right- sided hemiparesis, while 49 (40.8%) had left-sided hemiparesis.
Limb weakness, hemiparesis, sensorineural hearing loss, recurrent headaches and recurrent vomiting are common (4).
Faiz Usmani, brother of 2008 Ahmedabad blast accused Afzal Usmani, died at 1:30 am while he was undergoing treatment for hemiparesis and hypertension in the Lokmanya Tilak Hospital here, doctors said.
on Sunday while he was undergoing treatment for hemiparesis and hypertension at the Lokmanya Tilak Hospital, doctors said.
A 2009 study (4) examining 4 years of retrospective data found that Medicare spending in a cohort of patients with hemiparesis (weakness on one side) was $77 143 versus $53 319 in patients without hemiparesis (see end notes for more information about this study).