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n. hemitórax, cada mitad del tórax.
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Subsequent to CXR, 6-point LUS (three in each hemithorax) was performed as described in the BLUE protocol (Bedside Zung Ultrasonography in Emergency).
Later on the same patient presented with migration of VP shunt in left hemithorax causing massive pleural effusion.
The cisterna chyli and lymph nodes were successfully embolized in the first intervention, but there was continuation of the chylothoraxes through development of collateral lymphatic ducts seen leaking into both hemithorax. Then, our radiology team tried second image-guided percutaneous cannulation and embolization of cisterna chyli (Figures 3, 4).
Type III aortic dissection with rupture into the right hemithorax. J Cardiovasc Surg (Torino) 1982;23:429-31.
Chest radiograph (A) shows near complete white-out of right hemithorax causing mediastinal shift and leftward tracheal deviation.Sagittal CT images (B and C) show a huge approximately 16 x 16 x 12 cm mediastinal mass occupying the entire right hemithorax with mass effect, encasing all major vessels leading to severe compression of superior vena cava and bilateral brachiocephalic veins.
Light pneumothorax size calculation formula was, as follows: [1-((collapsed lung diameter)3/(involved hemithorax diameter)3)].8 Patients suffering tension pneumothorax, bilateral severe respiratory failure, and bilateral pneumothorax or indicated for mechanical ventilation excluded.
One patient had unilateral pneumothorax at the time of admission and had developed hemithorax during tube thoracostomy.The patient's tube thoracostomy was terminated on the 2nd day when the pneumothorax completely disappeared, and the air leak was cut off, and no complications were encountered in ongoing assessments of this patient.
On inspection, two straight post-quadrantectomy scars were present on the anterior side of the right hemithorax. Her breathing rate was 15 breaths/minute, with dullness of the basal right hemithorax on percussion and abolished vesicular breathing sounds at the base of the right hemithorax on auscultation.
In the pulmonary auscultation, respiratory sounds reduced significantly in the right hemithorax and tuber was heard as murmur in the right hemithorax again.
Chest X-ray showed parenchymal loss and a bullous lung appearance encompassing the entire right hemithorax, displacing the mediastinum to the left [Figure 1].
He had decreased breath sounds throughout the entire right hemithorax. All laboratory values were within normal limits.
A physical examination revealed fever, tachypnea, reduced respiratory sounds in the right hemithorax compared with the left hemithorax, hypoxia, and numerous palpable purpurae.