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n. hemitiroidectomía, excisión de un lóbulo de la glándula tiroides.
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Patients with hypocalcaemia, abnormal parathyroid hormonal levels & with any history of surgery in neck (Other than hemithyroidectomy for thyroid disorders) were excluded from the study.
Hemithyroidectomy: a meta-analysis of postoperative need for hormone replacement and complications.
On the other hand, when the nodular disease relapse is considered as the primary endpoint in the treatment of multinodular goitre (MNG), two current prospective randomized studies have reported extremely good results with the Dunhill procedure (hemithyroidectomy plus subtotal resection) and demonstrated the safety and efficacy of leaving a small remnant of thyroid tissue without rendering the patient to total thyroid ablation (5, 6).
In view of the size of the left cystic nodule, Mrs C was counselled for a left hemithyroidectomy. This was completed uneventfully, and the final histology was that of a pT2 (2.1 cm) PTC without extrathyroidal extension nor lymphatic invasion.
The patient had initially contemplated a hemithyroidectomy due to concerns for voice impairment that could impact his occupation as an attorney.
After a detailed discussion with the family, hemithyroidectomy was undertaken for removal of the lesion.
The right hemithyroidectomy specimen identified a 4.0 cm mass located at the right perithyroidal region.
In group I, one patient with AFTN (4.5 cm) underwent hemithyroidectomy whereas five patients with hyperthyroidism (4 toxic multinodular goiters and 1 case of Graves' disease) in group II successfully underwent endoscopic TT using BABA approach.
Schroder et al., "Bilateral subtotal thyroidectomy versus hemithyroidectomy plus subtotal resection (Dunhill procedure) for benign goiter: long-term results of a prospective, randomized study," World Journal of Surgery, vol.
Patients had undergone either a hemithyroidectomy, a subtotal thyroidectomy, or a total thyroidectomy based on pre- and intraoperative find ings.
The patient was subsequently found to have metastases to the left lobe of her thyroid for which she underwent left hemithyroidectomy in 2002.
The 2015 ATA guidelines allow for either hemithyroidectomy or near-total/total thyroidectomy for thyroid malignancy 1-4 cm in size without gross extra-thyroidal extension or clinical evidence of lymph node metastases (13).