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n. hemitiroidectomía, excisión de un lóbulo de la glándula tiroides.
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7)--underwent either total or hemithyroidectomy through a 3-cm incision.
Treatment options were discussed and he was listed for a diagnostic right hemithyroidectomy.
2%) did not undergo hemithyroidectomy or total thyroidectomy, with or without irradiation, within 1 year of diagnosis.
When treatment is elected, the cancers in this category can be managed with either hemithyroidectomy [removal of part of the thyroid] or total thyroidectomy [removal of the complete gland], and the prognosis will be the same," they added.
The extent of surgery ranged from hemithyroidectomy (lobectomy plus isthmectomy) to total thyroidectomy plus central compartment lymph node dissection (Table 2).
The traveler had a previous hemithyroidectomy for a nontoxic nodule, had evidence of autoimmune disease, and tested positive for antithyroid peroxidase antibodies.
Ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration of this mass was interpreted as a follicular neoplasm, and a decision was made to perform right hemithyroidectomy and isthmusectomy.
If chosen as a treatment strategy in a patient with unilateral Graves' disease, the type of surgery is important in that Sakata and colleagues (4) have reported recurrence in the contralateral lobe after hemithyroidectomy in two patients with unilateral Graves' disease.
Overall, 42 patients had a hemithyroidectomy, 38 had a total thyroidectomy, and 11 had a completion thyroidectomy.