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n. hemocitoblasto, célula sanguínea primitiva de la cual se derivan las demás.
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Also, her inclusion in the company's executive committee will enable her to have a maximum impact on HEMOBLAST Bellows' launch strategy in Europe and the US, in close cooperation with the company's regional sales and marketing managers.
Table A1 Detailed description of hemolymph cell types present in the Botrylloides ieachii vascular system based on histological observations Cell type (% of all hemocytes) Description Undifferentiated cells Hemoblast (4%) This small (5-8-[micro]m), almost perfectly round progenitor cell has a high nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio.
Anti-FGF2 staining was first observed at day 3 of development, exclusively in newly formed hemoblast cells, and the detection of these cells coincided with the appearance of distal-less proteins expressed along the proximal-distal axis of growing ampullae ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1A, B OMITTED]; Table I).
Bivalve hemocytes are generally classified as granulocytes or hyalinocytes, although a third type (hemoblasts) is often observed in some species (Cheng 1984, Hine 1999, Lin et al.
In addition, undifferentiated young cells, also called hemoblasts, appeared stained with the specific probes for GPx5 and Cu/ZnSOD in both mid-cycle and take-over.
It is tempting to speculate that the increased flow rate is essential to the successful aggregation of circulating hemoblasts at the base of ampullae and subsequent organ genie differentiation.
An earlier comparative study on the ultrastructure of hemocytes in some botryllids, including Botryllus scalaris and Symplegma reptans, showed that hemocytes could be commonly classified into five morphological types: hemoblasts, morula cells (MCs), granular leukocytes, vacuolated cells, and phagocytes (Shirae, unpub, data).