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A cavity or series of spaces between the organs of most arthropods and mollusks through which the blood or hemolymph circulates.


(ˈhi məˌsil)

a series of interconnected open tissue spaces through which blood circulates, occurring in several invertebrate groups, esp. mollusks and arthropods.
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Therefore, we speculated that BmARM-like protein is related to silkworm hemocoel endothelial permeability and growth.
Beauveria bassiana infection occurs by the germinated conidia penetrating throughout the cuticle (exoskeleton) of the insect, reaching the hemocoel, where the fungus proliferates (Feng et al.
In some solitary ascidians, it principally occurs in small static clusters of hemoblasts located in the lining of the hemocoel, particularly around the pharyngeal basket (Ermak, 1982).
Those eggs, later consumed by the locusts along with the vegetal material hatch in the gut; the juveniles subsequently pass through the gut wall into the hemocoel and increase considerably in size inside the host.
As the Tc are orally toxic compounds; therefore, are active in the lumen side (inside the lumen) of the insects' midgut epithelium and not in the basal side of this tissue, which is common rout for a hemocoel pathogen (Waterfield et al.
The epithelial cells basally are in contact with the hemocoel while the cells apices are covered by a thin cuticle measuring about 1.
magna molting, growth and reproductive functions modulate the quantity and fate of storage lipids, mainly triacylglycerols located in spherical lipid droplets inside fat cells scattered throughout the animal hemocoel (Tessier and Goulden 1982; Zaffagini and Zeni 1986).
The process of host colonization initiates after penetration, with the penetrating hyphae becoming thicker and ramify within the tegument and the hemocoel of the insect, forming blastospores.
During normal forward ventilation of gills by the scaphognathites, the lamellae tend to be inflated by a small positive transmural pressure, which is the difference between the above-ambient pressure in the lamellar hemocoel and subambient mean pressure in the branchial chamber in crab.
Innate immunity might confer a selective advantage in an insect that routinely introduces surface bacteria into the hemocoel of both sexes and immature stages by traumatic insemination.
hemocoel insemination in bedbugs is presumed to nourish the female (Hinn 1999).