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n. hemoconcentración, concentración de hematíes a causa de una disminución del volumen líquido sanguíneo.
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The loss of fluid from the vascular compartment leads to hemoconcentration reduced renal perfusion followed by oliguria, renal insufficiency and thrombosis.
Zynquista demonstrated meaningful effects on markers of hemoconcentration and plasma uric acid, where biochemical changes have been linked to cardiorenal protection associated with SGLT2 inhibitors.
We report the case of a 52-year-old man who presented to the emergency department with acute pulmonary edema and hemoconcentration without any inciting etiology.
Hemoconcentration may be a cause for the impairment of microcirculation and may play an important role in the transition of edematous to necrotizing pancreatitis.
It also is important to be attentive to patients with generalized swelling and/or hemoconcentration (hematocrit great than or equal to 40%), as these patients usually have marked reduction in plasma volume and can develop an excessive hypotensive response, with secondary reduction in tissue perfusion and uteroplacental blood flow, when treated with a combination of rapid-acting vasodilators (hydralazine or nifedipine).
Horses with gastrointestinal disorders, as expected, presented higher ASA (IV and IV) associated with systemic complications like dehydration, hemoconcentration and endotoxemia that could prolong [T.sub.Rec], without affecting the recovery quality in most cases (JOHNSTON et al, 2002; MOSLEY, 2015).
Our study shows that this is true for formula based volume assessment or the measure of hemoconcentration and similarly poor correlation has previously been shown for the physical exam and even intra-cardiac pressure assessments," said Marat Fudim, MD, Fellow, Division of Cardiology, Duke University and one of the study authors.
This increased hemogram could be attributed due to hemoconcentration and dehydration.
For this purpose, laboratory results, such as hemoconcentration, blood C-reactive protein, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, procalcitonin test, urinary trypsinogen activation peptide ELISA test, and urinary anionic trypsinogen test, and imaging methods, such as chest films, CT screening, magnetic resonance imaging, and magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography can be used.
Also, the oncotic effect of albumin serves to maintain the intravascular volume and can prevent the development of hypovolemia, hemoconcentration, ascites, and pleural effusion.
[[18] Since the resulting PCV of the blue-naped parrot is comparable with the range of those species within the same family, this indicates that the blue-naped parrot is not suffering from anemia (lack of RBC) nor it is suffering from hemoconcentration (overproduction of RBC).