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or he•ma•cy•tom•e•ter

(ˌhi mə saɪˈtɒm ɪ tər)

an instrument for counting blood cells.


n. hemocitómetro, instrumento usado para el conteo de glóbulos rojos en un definido volumen de sangre.
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To count pollen the sample was dissociated with the vortex and a 10 ul aliquot (N = 3) was taken and placed on a hemocytometer slide.
THECs were performed using a Malassez hemocytometer after a 1:200 dilution with an eosinophil dilution liquid containing phloxine B.
Instrumentation has come a long way from the use of hemocytometer counting chambers for estimating cell numbers and the pulled, stained smear and microscope for evaluating normal and abnormal cells.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of 1Urine Test Kit(Glucose+Ketone Qty: 5 Null 2Occult Blood Card Test Qty: 2 Null 3Cover Glass For Hemocytometer Qty: 30 Null 4Cover Slip Squire, Size (18Mm Qty: 60 Null 5Polythene Beaker (1000 Ml Qty: 20 Null 6Test Tube Rack (0.
Cell harvesting was performed using trypsin and counting the cells using a hemocytometer in the presence of trypan blue using the procedure described in Protocols S1 (1) and S2 (1).
Microspheres of both sizes were counted using a hemocytometer under an optical microscope to acquire different concentrations of microsphere diluents, including 500,000/50 [micro]l and 800,000/50 [micro]l for microspheres at an average diameter of 9 [micro]m and 200,000/50 [micro]l and 500,000/50 [micro]l for microspheres at an average diameter of 17 [micro]m.
To determine viable cells, the culture was harvested and the cells were counted by the trypan blue staining and a standard hemocytometer.
The CellDyn Sapphire hemocytometer (Abbott Diagnotics) was used as reference method.
At 0, 2, and 7 d, algal cell densities for each flask were measured using a hemocytometer.