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n. hemodilución, aumento del plasma sanguíneo en relación al de los glóbulos rojos.
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Extreme hemodilution due to massive blood loss in tumor surgery.
Hemodilution, an enhanced TLC and cortisol level are the main features of pregnancy in pregnant Cholistani cows.
Moderate hemodilution and systemic hypothermia were maintained during cardio-pulmonary bypass.
A new technique for hemodilution, preparation of autologous platelet-rich plasma and intraoperative blood salvage in cardiac surgery.
Pediatric patients are undergoing open-heart surgery using cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) exhibit hemodilution, hemolysis, and post-operative anemia at the termination of the CPB.
Modification of HDM has been used to calculate allowable blood loss under hemodilution conditions [3], to estimate BV changes during hemodialysis [4], to determine the PV kinetic effects of isotonic and hypertonic PV expanders [5], and to detect hypovolemia and dehydration in patients by using volume loading [6] and numerous other applications.
In another study in Bolivia (also at an altitude of 3600 m), the effect of isovolemic hemodilution was assessed in eight native residents [45].
ABT includes three options: preoperative autologous blood donation (PABD), acute normovolemic hemodilution (ANH), and intraoperative and postoperative autotransfusion.
(11) All the adverse effects of CPB in pregnancy such as hemodilution, changes in coagulation, complement activation, release of vasoactive substances by leukocytes and particulates, air embolization, and hypotension further add to the deleterious effect of myxomas on the respiratory system and cause hypoxia and early uterine contraction.
The mVLT fluid protocol implies hemodilution guided mini fluid challenges.
The lower than expected rise in Hgb following 2 units could be explained by ongoing hemolysis related to sickling as evidence by a reticulocyte event of 14% hemodilution secondary to fluid overload which may also have had a part.