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n. hemodilución, aumento del plasma sanguíneo en relación al de los glóbulos rojos.
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A new technique for hemodilution, preparation of autologous platelet-rich plasma and intraoperative blood salvage in cardiac surgery.
Such iatrogenic anemia can be caused by hemodilution due to the routine administration of non-oxygen carrying crystalloids solutions, often in large amounts resulting in a reduced number of circulating oxygen carrying red blood cells.
Hemodilution can explain changes in hemoglobin and albumin levels, and these parameters may decreases with progression of pregnancy (7).
Additionally, salt and water retention cause hemodilution.
The heat may cause a reduction of blood constituents due to hemodilution effect where more water is transported by the circulatory system to help in evaporative cooling.
In the early pregnancy an overall decrease in vascular tone leads to systemic vasodilatation and rise in arterial compliance, there is a possible role of release of vasopressin, [14] which causes hemodilution and with a reduction in viscosity, which potentiates fall in vascular resistance and contributing to fall in afterload.
11) All the adverse effects of CPB in pregnancy such as hemodilution, changes in coagulation, complement activation, release of vasoactive substances by leukocytes and particulates, air embolization, and hypotension further add to the deleterious effect of myxomas on the respiratory system and cause hypoxia and early uterine contraction.
Of note, because the observed reduction in LDL cholesterol is due to liberal fluid intake and hemodilution rather than to food consumption, a similar LDL reduction is likely to occur when using fasting lipid profiles with no restrictions on water intake (2).
The mVLT fluid protocol implies hemodilution guided mini fluid challenges.
Anemia documented in present study could be associated with fluid retention in congestive heart failure and hence hemodilution.