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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of the forces involved in the circulation of blood.

he′mo·dy·nam′ic adj.
he′mo·dy·nam′i·cal·ly adv.
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Noun1.hemodynamics - the branch of physiology that studies the circulation of the blood and the forces involved
physiology - the branch of the biological sciences dealing with the functioning of organisms
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n. hemodinamia, el estudio de la dinámica de la circulación de la sangre.
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It will involve the whole body in the late stage, and the mortality is very high.2,3 Surgery is considered as a radical treatment for colorectal cancer, but surgical trauma can cause non-specific physiological stress reaction, and most of patients with malignant tumors have high blood viscosity and high aggregation state.4 Moreover because of stress and drug use during surgery, the hemorheology and hemodynamics indexes often have abnormal changes and there are high risks of complications such as thrombosis, edema and postoperative infection.5
The Impella 5.0 and the Impella LD are forward flow heart pumps that deliver up to 5 L/min, stabilizing a patient's hemodynamics, unloading the left ventricle, and perfusing the end organs, allowing for the potential of native heart recovery or return to heart function baseline.
Refractory ascites (RA) occurs in 5-10% of patients with cirrhosis and ascites, and it is associated with a significant worsening of central hemodynamics and a further reduction in survival [3].
They cover native and prosthetic valve diseases, special conditions, percutaneous and surgical valve procedures, multi-modality imaging and cardiac catheterization laboratory assessment, echocardiography and cardiac catheterization cases and calculations, and an atlas of cardiac catheterization laboratory hemodynamics. Among specific topics are bicuspid aortic valve disease, pulmonary regurgitation and stenosis, percutaneous mitral valve procedures, valve surgery: endocarditis, computed tomography/magnetic resonance imaging, and echocardiographic calculations and case examples.
However, since AKI and fluid overload are often found to be associated with hemodynamic abnormalities, determining the relationship between CRRT and hemodynamics remains a challenge in the treatment of critically ill patients.
Acute effects of Normoxic and Hypoxic High-Intensity Interval Exercise on Hemodynamics and Cutaneous Blood Flow in Youth Soccer Players.
The size of the pulsating neck mass decreased as the patient's hemodynamics improved.
Nevertheless, the highlight of this study is the use of hemodynamics environment to study the behavior of ECs in order to provide better therapeutic treatments.
There have been reports of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) application to study testicular hemodynamics in boars[sup.7] and to detect testicular torsion in adults.[sup.8]-[sup.11] NIRS is a non-invasive optical technique that uses light in the near-infrared spectrum to monitor tissue oxygenation and hemodynamics by measuring local changes in the concentration of oxygenated (O[sub.2]Hb), deoxygenated (HHb), total (tHb) hemoglobin and tissue oxygen saturation (TSI%).[sup.12] Recent studies have used NIRS to investigate urologic conditions.[sup.13]-[sup.26]
In the paper entitled "Tumor hemodynamics and hepatocarcinogenesis: radio-pathological correlations and outcomes of carcinogenic hepatocyte nodules" Page 8, Figure 12, figure legends, first sentence, line 2 should be corrected as follows: "without capsule" should read "with capsule."
Practical cardiovascular hemodynamics; with self-assessment problems.