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n. hemograma, representación gráfica de un conteo sanguíneo diferencial.
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Bu yaptigimiz calismanin amaci, EKT tedavisinin, hemogram parametreleri uzerindeki etkisini incelemektir.
Chest X-ray, routine hemogram, serum, and 24-hour urinary calcium were normal.
Investigations that were carried out in the present case included an orthopantomograph (OPG), lateral skull view, and complete hemogram. The OPG revealed hemifacial hypertrophy in the right side of face [Figure 8].
Case report: A 10-year-old girl was referred to my hospital when she had serum ferritin> 2000 ng /ml, even though there was mild anemia in the hemogram seen at the health center with pain, anorexia and weakness.
Blood and serum sample were collected from these animals and were tested for hemogram and serum biochemical profile using automated hematology and biochemistry analyzers, respectively.
Hemogram of ear sores affected buffaloes revealed non significant difference in values of Hb, PCV and TEC, However, DLC showed absolute eosinophilia compared to healthy buffaloes.
Following hospital discharge, the patient and her family were informed of routine hemogram controls, and a hemogram-monitoring calendar was planned.
Hemogram and other biochemical tests were within normal ranges.
He was advised a routine hemogram. The sample was run on a fully automated Ac.T5 diff Beckman Coulter, which showed a very low total leukocyte count of 700/[mm.sup.3], with 78% lymphocytes of which 9% were atypical lymphocytes, 11% neutrophils, and 11% monocytes.