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n. hemoperitoneo presencia de sangre en la cavidad del peritoneo.
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A moderate amount of hemoperitoneum and a subcapsular hematoma were observed on the abdominal ultrasound.
Another important finding to look for is hemoperitoneum, because it can lead to hypovolemic shock and death (Fig.
Brain CT showed no early signs of intracranial hemorrhage; however, abdominal CT revealed Grade IV liver laceration with hemoperitoneum. Furthermore, misplacement of the inserted chest tube at sixth intercostal space, which passed from the right pleural space through the diaphragm into the perihepatic space, was also noted in the CT images [Figure 2].
MW procedure-related minor complications were noted, such as abdominal pain, skin burn, fever, increased jaundice, increased transaminases or INR, or serious complications, including the development of liver decompensation, abscess formation or hemoperitoneum, pleural effusion in the right lobe lesions, and hematemesis or death.
These measures are (1) no indication of meaningful hemoperitoneum, (2) medical strength having minimum or no ache in abdomen, (3) mass from ectopic pregnancy having an average diameter <30 mm excluding cardiac motion of embryo, and (4) serum B-HCG serum amount <1500 IU/L.
Hemoperitoneum increased the death risk 16.6-fold (p = 0.004).
It is accompanied by acute or chronic pain of variable intensity and intra-abdominal blood loss of variable amount, from a few cubic centimeters to massive hemoperitoneum. Therefore, clinical presentation can vary from a benign asymptomatic state to circulatory collapse, even death.
There was approximately 2000 ml of hemoperitoneum and blood clots in the abdomen.
In this report, CT images of left gastric artery aneurysm with hemothorax and hemoperitoneum were presented.
There was a significant hemoperitoneum and an upper midline laparotomy was performed, identifying a ruptured right subcapsular liver hematoma.
At autopsy, the pathologist concluded that the cause of death was "[c]omplications of hemoperitoneum (blood in the peritoneal cavity) following a recent liver biopsy procedure in a patient with liver cirrhosis." He noted a capsular tear of 1.1 cm in length with varied depths of 0.3 to 1.2 cm in the anterior, right liver.