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Noun1.hemophilia A - hemophilia caused by a congenital deficiency of factor VIII; occurs almost exclusively in men
bleeder's disease, haemophilia, hemophilia - congenital tendency to uncontrolled bleeding; usually affects males and is transmitted from mother to son
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The TRUST (TReatment with Unique recombinant rFVIIa STudy) trial is a Phase II/III, multicenter, open-label clinical study designed to assess the safety and efficacy of BAY 86-6150, a recombinant factor VIIa (rFVIIa) protein, in patients with hemophilia A or B with inhibitors.
The prospective, open label, randomized, multi-center, parallel study investigated the efficacy, safety and health-related quality of life benefits of FEIBA NF prophylactic treatment compared to on-demand treatment in 36 patients with hemophilia A or B and inhibitors over a 12-month period.
In 2014, the 9MM had 60,671 diagnosed prevalent cases of hemophilia A and hemophilia B, around 28% of which occurred in the US.
In the recent study, scientists removed a piece of skin from the arms of six people with severe hemophilia A.
Hemophilia A, also called as classical hemophilia or factor VIII deficiency hemophilia, is caused by deficiency of clotting factor VIII.
Patients with hemophilia A or hemophilia B are dependent on protein replacement therapy with Factor VIII or Factor IX, respectively, for life.
Eventually, the team hopes to extend their work to hemophilia A, the more common form of the disease.
Baxter will acquire worldwide rights to OBI-1, a recombinant porcine factor VIII in development for congenital hemophilia A with inhibitors and acquired hemophilia A.
Forty caregivers were recruited, a majority of whom had a child with hemophilia A without inhibitors.
But it has long posed a paradox: Some boys with hemophilia A are endangered by any bump or scrape, while others have such mild forms that the disorder goes undetected until they lose their first tooth.
OBI-1 is a recombinant porcine factor VIII (rpFVIII) being investigated for the treatment of bleeding in people with acquired hemophilia A and congenital hemophilia A patients with inhibitors.
For instance, the American Thrombosis & Hemostasis Network, Bloodworks Northwest (formerly Puget Sound Blood Center), the National Hemophilia Foundation and Biogen founded My Life, Our Future, a program that offers free genetic testing to individuals with hemophilia A and B in the United States.