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An abnormal fear of blood.

he′mo·pho′bic adj.

hemaphobia, haemaphobia, hemophobia

an abnormal fear of the sight of blood. Also hematophobia.
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n. hemofobia, temor patológico a la sangre.
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Later on, while attempting to create the prix fixe menu for their restaurant, viewers witness Ally's hemophobia, an extreme and irrational fear of blood, and trypophobia, an extreme fear of  irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.
The specific related phobias include trypanophobia, fear of medical procedures involving the use of needles; belonephobia, fear of sharp objects or instruments; and hemophobia, fear of the sight of blood.
"Strange Blood: Hemophobia and the Unexplored Boundaries of Queer Nation." Beyond the Binary: Reconstructing Cultural Identity in a Multicultural Context.