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n. hemoneumotórax, acumulación de sangre y de aire en la cavidad pleural.
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For example, hemopneumothorax, which does not initially occur after a rib fracture but is due to fracture fragments of the rib puncturing the lung and pulmonary vessels, is a derived injury.
Because of hemopneumothorax, multiple rib fractures, and pulmonary contusions, severe acute respiratory distress syndrome developed, and the patient was treated with venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for 3 days.
There were also multiple rib fractures (right ribs 6-8 and left ribs 7-8) and a right hemopneumothorax (Figure 3).
CT performed 4 hours after the trauma revealed left hemopneumothorax, fractures of several left lower lateral ribs, and herniation of omentum into chest [5].
Chest X-ray revealed a left hemopneumothorax and two costal fractures.
Hydro-pneumothorax, pyo-pneumothorax, hemopneumothorax results from collection of clear fluid, pus or blood respectively in the pleural cavity.
Portable chest X-ray showed bilateral hemopneumothorax and rib fractures on the left side.
in case of associated injuries hemopneumothorax and orthopaedic injuries are associated in the range of 10-12% of patients.
In some cases, metastatic pleural infiltration has resulted in hemopneumothorax.
The lungs showed vast contusions on both sides (mainly in the left posterior and the right anterior regions) with hemopneumothorax on the right side and lacerations of the anterior right lung.
Then, and most seriously, in the battle for the city of the Malli, he suffered a chest wound with the complication of a pierced lung, hemopneumothorax (A.