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n. hemoneumotórax, acumulación de sangre y de aire en la cavidad pleural.
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Misplacement of the preventive CTI for potential hemopneumothorax during the first attempt was observed by computed tomography and simultaneously led to diaphragmatic penetration.
A chest CT revealed right-sided hemopneumothorax, first and twelfth rib fractures, lung contusion, and possible right-sided diaphragmatic eventration with an elevation of the right lobe of the liver (Figure 3).
Trauma-induced lesions respectively are lung contusions, rib fractures, hemopneumothorax, pneumothorax, traumatic asphyxia, diaphragmatic rupture and flail chest.
There was no other major complication such as hemopneumothorax or pulmonary embolism; also, there was no thoracotomy conversion to VATS surgery.
Techabunyarat et al21 reported pneumonia in 4/23 cases, pneumothorax in 3/23 cases, lung atelectasis in 3/23 cases, and hemopneumothorax in 2/23 cases.
The death of the concubine was violent, due to two left thoracic penetrating wounds, puncturing the lung and heart, left hemopneumothorax and hemopericard.
The most common indication was hemothorax followed by pneumothorax and hemopneumothorax [Table 1].
Pneumothorax, the most common clinical sign, was found in 57 patients (64%), followed by hemopneumothorax in 21 patients (23%).
Based on this consideration, the patient was once again assessed by the general surgery service who then performed a left closed thoracostomy as definitive treatment of traumatic hemopneumothorax. After the procedure, a total amount of 100cc of blood was collected, associated to air exit contained in the left hemithorax, confirming in this way the diagnosis of traumatic haemopneumothorax.
Examination of the trauma also showed a slight right-sided hemopneumothorax and fracture of the right seventh rib, which were treated conservatively.
However, the usage of pigtail catheter was selective; hence they recommended further multicenter study to provide support for its usage in traumatic hemothorax and hemopneumothorax.
Injuries diagnosed in the primary survey included severe brain trauma, facial fractures, serial rib fractures, bilateral lung contusions, a right-sided hemopneumothorax, bilateral pelvic fractures, intraperitoneal bladder rupture with urethral rupture of the membranous urethra, a distal femoral fracture, and a fracture of the right 5th metatarsal, resulting in an ISS of 41.