hemorrhagic stroke

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Noun1.hemorrhagic stroke - stroke caused by the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain
apoplexy, cerebrovascular accident, CVA, stroke - a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain
bleeding, haemorrhage, hemorrhage - the flow of blood from a ruptured blood vessel
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5-times increased risk of having a hemorrhagic stroke within 3 days after they started taking the drug.
MINNEAPOLIS -- New results support that treatment for hemorrhagic stroke can be improved by using medication to rapidly reduce blood pressure.
Most common cause of in-hospital mortality was hemorrhagic stroke with 4 deaths followed closely by atherosclerotic ischemic stroke, TBM and CVT with 3 deaths each.
The primary endpoint of recurrent ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke was 2.
In a separate analysis, researchers found a striking association between psychosocial distress and risk of hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding), but not ischemic stroke (caused by blood clot).
dietary TAC [total antioxidant capacity] is inversely associated with total stroke among CVD (cardiovascular disease]-free women and hemorrhagic stroke among women with CVD history.
More specifically, those who usually walked at a brisk pace were 37 percent less likely to have any type of stroke and had a 68 percent lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke.
During 900 patient-years of follow-up, there was a single hemorrhagic stroke in the Watchman group at 15 days post implant, compared with six hemorrhagic strokes--four of them fatal--in the warfarin group.
8-fold higher risk of hemorrhagic stroke (caused by bleeding into the brain).
CT detected hemorrhagic stroke in 50%, and late hemorrhagic transformation in 20%, of those patients found to have hemorrhagic stroke on MRI, which was considered the criterion standard of chronic stroke diagnosis.
Clot-dissolving drugs can make a hemorrhagic stroke worse.
The risk of heart attack and the more common type of stroke exceeds the very slight increase in risk for hemorrhagic stroke caused by a small daily dose of aspirin.