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1. A decorative stitch usually bordering a hem, as on a handkerchief, made by drawing out several parallel threads and catching together the cross threads in uniform groups.
2. Needlework in which this stitch is used.
tr.v. hem·stitched, hem·stitch·ing, hem·stitch·es
To ornament or embroider with hemstitches.

hem′stitch′er n.
References in classic literature ?
We hemstitched all the tablecloths and pillow-cases, and some of the sheets.
Nervous and frightened, at the same time fascinated, Saxon hemstitched a linen handkerchief intended for Billy and listened to Mercedes' wild flow of speech.
Rachel Lynde, as she hemstitched table napkins industriously.
There were credible rumors, also, of a hemstitched pocket-handkerchief; and report even went so far as to state that Miss Ophelia had one pocket-handkerchief with lace all around it,--it was even added that it was worked in the corners; but this latter point was never satisfactorily ascertained, and remains, in fact, unsettled to this day.
Guests were greeted with champagne, complemented by white, hemstitched, monogrammed linen cocktail napkins, as they were ushered to the Grand Salon for the reception hosted by the bride's parents, Rodney and Cecily Bateman.
Hemstitched tucks are essentially narrow, released box pleats machine hemstitched down the center.
Mary made and hemstitched white cheesecloth curtains and hung them at the windows where she had nothing but shades before.
The current Register of Copyrights, Marybeth Peters, has stated publicly that there are large chunks of Section 114 that are utterly incomprehensible to most people, because over the years Congress has spliced and diced them, and then hemstitched them back together.
First, cover your table in blue (we used the Hemstitched tablecloth from Williams-Sonoma, $122; www.williams-sonoma.com).
Sheets came with hemstitched borders; quilts were made of silk with patterned vermicelli or box-stitch designs; duvets were either woven jacquard or embroidered; and decorative pillows showed off pintuck and lattice-weave designs.