hen party

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hen party

informal a party at which only women are present. Compare hen night, stag night

hen′ par`ty

Slang. a gathering for women only.
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Noun1.hen party - a party for women only
party - a group of people gathered together for pleasure; "she joined the party after dinner"
حَفلة للنِّساء فَقَط قَبل زَواج الفَتاه
dámská jízda
babský večieroklen dámska spoločnosť
kadınlar toplantısı

hen party

n (fam) → festa di sole donne


(hen) noun
1. the female farmyard fowl. Hens lay eggs.
2. the female of any bird. The hen is sitting on the nest; (also adjective) a hen blackbird.
ˈhen party noun
a party for women only, often just before one of them gets married (for men see stag party).
ˈhenpecked (-pekt) adjective
(of a man) ruled by his wife. a henpecked husband.
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A Turkish Instagram star and her friends celebrating her hen party were among 11 people killed in a private plane crash in Iran.
But rather than face the unthinkable - a hen party without the bride - the stranded bridesmaids and friends managed to pool their remaining funds and book a last-minute weekend in Liverpool, while the rest of the group enjoyed a wet weekend in Benidorm.
LIVERPOOL saved the day for a hen party left stranded by the Beast from the East.
MEMBERS of a Liverpool hen party have had their night out in Newcastle thrown into chaos by the snow and are looking for a swap.
So, we thought we would try and swap with another hen party.
A hen party left stranded in Scotland by the"Beast from the East"have come up with a genius solution to their cancelled celebrations in Liverpool.
Andrews was spotted having a hen party in June - dressed in a policewoman-style outfit with short skirt and suspenders.
In addition, I argue that undress, a feature of both the hen party and blackening, is also a form of costuming.
Her hen party was the first party she had ever had.
Once a humble dinner party held in honour of the end of bachelorhood, the concept of the now-hugely-popular Bachelor and Hen party has grown, shifted and evolved exponentially in recent years.
One of the reasons he decided to test the potential of the hen party market was the fact Studio Megastar already offers sleepover parties - though they are aimed at children rather than adults.
35) Rating WHEN an email invitation lands in Nora's inbox inviting her to Clare's hen party, she is confused.