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n. pl. hen·ner·ies
1. A poultry farm.
2. A coop or cage for poultry; a chicken coop.


n, pl -neries
(Agriculture) a place or farm for keeping poultry


(ˈhɛn ə ri)

n., pl. -ner•ies.
a place where poultry is kept or raised.
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Leading proponents of political realism includes Hans Morgenthau, John Herz and Hennery Kissenger.
Pakistan played a key role in taking the then Secretary of State, Hennery Kissinger to Peking secretly.
Indian Coast Guard officials said they have apprehended the Panama-registered ship, MV Hennery, based on intelligence.
On his part the head of the Nigerian Council, Hennery Bin Danto, has pointed out they intends to invite President Omar Al Bashir to attend that conference.
In 2007, Christine Lagarde warned Hennery Paulson that if the Fed kept raising rates, there will be a tsunami.
The estate contained a greenhouse, dairy barn, cow barn, wagon shed, stables, farmer's cottage and a hennery.
Hennery Damnima, the commissioner of Central Equatoria police said authorities were reaching out to relevant institutions and people to establish the facts before making any public statement.
Pakistan facilitated a trip of US envoy Hennery Kissinger, American National Security adviser, to China.
For example many notable thinkers and entrepreneurs that dropped out of school or were self taught include Abraham Lincoln, Amadeo Peter Giannini, Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Jackson, Barry Diller, Ben Kaufman, Benjamin Franklin, Carl Linder, Charles Culpeper, Christopher Columbus, Coco Chanel, Colonel Harlen Sanders, Dave Thomas, David Geffen, Dave Karp, David Ogilvy, DeWitt Wallace, Frederick Laker, Frederick Hennery Royce, George Eastman, Ingar Kamprad, Isaac Merrit Singer, Jay Van Andel, Jerry Yang, John D.
According to Hennery Kissinger that 'Enterprise' was to deter India from attacking Pakistan on the Western border.
The camp will be under the supervision of the Association American coach Patrick Hennery who will be assisted by a number of the national players.
TONIGHT'S DIAMONDS TEAM: 1 josef franc,2 Dan gifferd (gust),3 rider replacement for George stand,4 jason king,5 christian hennery,6 scott Richarderson (gust),7 seen stoddart .