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n. heparinizar, evitar la coagulación por medio del uso de heparina.
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Hematological Observations: Blood samples (both heparinised and non heparinised) were collected via jugular venipuncture of twenty-five horses for Complete Blood Count tests to be performed.
After an overnight fast (8h), a 10 mL blood sample was collected by antecubital vein puncture into heparinised (30U per tube) mineral-free tubes, being centrifuged at 1800 g for 10 min for separation of plasma, which was stored at -20 0C to further analysis.
Blood samples were collected into heparinised tubes and immediately centrifuged in an MPW 260RH centrifuge (MPW Med.
After that, 5ml venous blood samples were drawn from patients and control participants, which was then transferred to heparinised tubes and stored at 4 degrees Celsius.
Heparinised plasma (10 mL) diluted 1/5 in phosphate-buffered saline was incubated with 30 mL of substrate (2 mM for Z-FHL and 5.
Intra-operative irrigation is done with heparinised ringer lactate solution.
The first drop of blood was discarded before a sample was collected into a 95 [micro]L heparinised glass capillary tube (Radiometer Medical ApS).
Blood was collected by venipuncture from fasted subjects, and aliquoted in heparinised tubes.
Heparinised blood (50[micro]l) was taken in a micro-haematocrit capillary (Na-heparinised) and spun in a micro-haematocrit centrifuge (REMI RM-12C, India) at 12,000 rpm for 5 min to obtain haematocrit value.
The Hemophan dialyser was coated using 1 L of heparinised saline (20,000 IU/L) (Lee et al.
Tenders are invited for Heparinised Capillary Tube For Bcc 1000 Pcs.