hepatic portal vein

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Noun1.hepatic portal vein - a short vein that carries blood into the liver
portal system - system of veins that carry blood from the abdominal organs to the liver
vein, vena, venous blood vessel - a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart; "all veins except the pulmonary vein carry unaerated blood"
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The Porta hepatis is centrally located in the middle third of the visceral surface; it has an "L" shape rotated ninety degrees to the left; it presents a transverse part, another anterior part, and they form a 90-degree angle of anterior medial sinus; the hepatic portal vein is divided here into right (A12.3.12.002) and left (A12.3.12.005) branches; the hepatic artery proper is divided into right (A12.3.12.030) and left (A12.3.12.035) branches; the common hepatic duct is formed by the union of the right hepatic (A05.8.01.062) and the left hepatic (A05.8.01.065); these branches form the first vascular division; then, on the edge of this parenchymal channel, these two "primary branches" emit seven terminal secondary branches, forming seven vascular pedicles for seven portal segments.
Non-cirrhotic portal hypertension which included extra hepatic portal vein obstruction was the most common etiology of portal hypertension comprising 15(50%) patients and other causes illustrated in (Table-I).
The hepatic artery proper, common hepatic duct and hepatic portal vein were blocked using three vascular clips for 60 min (Figure 1C) followed by 120-min reperfusion (Figure 1D).
(a) The entire hepatic portal system including the portal vein, artery, and biliary system was exposed; (b) in the Pringle maneuver group, the blood inflow to the entire liver was blocked by clamping across the hepatoduodenal ligament; (c) in the hemihepatic vascular occlusion group, the left hepatic portal vein and middle artery were occluded, allowing the normal blood supply to reach the right hemiliver; (d) in the hepatic blood inflow occlusion without hemihepatic artery control group, the portal vein was interrupted without interrupting the hepatic artery.