hepatojugular reflux

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Noun1.hepatojugular reflux - a venous reflux occurring in congestive heart failure
reflux - an abnormal backward flow of body fluids
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Jugular venous distension was present to the mid neck as was hepatojugular reflex to the anterior ear.
Right heart failure was considered when the hepatojugular reflux or abdominal compression test will be positive.
Cardiovascular examination was negative for jugular venous distention and hepatojugular reflex.
Hepatojugular reflux (HJR) is one of the clinical signs of volume overload, easily obtainable at bedside.
As manifestacoes cardiovasculares e pulmonares analisadas no presente estudo foram: distensao da veia jugular, edema, mudancas na pressao arterial, pressao venosa central aumentada, refluxo hepatojugular positivo, som cardiaco B3, mudanca na pressao arterial, congestao pulmonar, derrame pleural, dispneia, mudanca no padrao respiratorio, ortopneia, ruidos respiratorios adventicios e anasarca.
Assessing for hepatojugular reflux is a valid bedside maneouvre in the diagnosis of CCF in patients with acute dyspnoea.
clinical signs of "congestion" in greater circulation (hepatomegalia, edemas of lower limbs, jugular venous distention, hydrothorax, ascite, hepatojugular reflux, etc.); and