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hip 1

a. The laterally projecting prominence of the pelvis or pelvic region from the waist to the thigh.
b. A homologous posterior part in quadrupeds.
c. The hip joint.
2. Architecture The external angle formed by the meeting of two adjacent sloping sides of a roof.

[Middle English, from Old English hype.]

hip 2

 (hĭp) also hep (hĕp)
adj. hip·per, hip·pest also hep·per or hep·pest Slang
1. Keenly aware of or knowledgeable about the latest trends or developments.
2. Very fashionable or stylish.

[Origin unknown.]

hip n. & v.
hip′ly adv.
hip′ness n.

hip 3

A rose hip.

[Middle English hipe, from Old English hēope.]

hip 4

Usually used to begin a cheer: Hip, hip, hooray!
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The issue was raised over a meeting between Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment official Fiona Hepper and former minister Arlene Foster about whether to proceed withcost controls introduced Britain.
The undercard features the returning Gidney and undefeated Troy Williamson along with Richard O'Neill, Neil Hepper, and a pair of Darlington debutants in Mark Downing and Ellis Corrie.
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Ending the section, "Proposing a maturity model for corporate sustainability" by Eduardo Luiz Hepper, Osmar Tomaz de Souza, Maira de Cassia Petrini and Carlos Eduardo Lobo e Silva, starts from the concept of corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability, the objective of this article is to promote a discussion about the incorporation of sustainability initiatives in organizations, through theoretical research on corporate sustainability maturity models.
In a previous research; Hunt, Hepper and co-workers reported 6 that mean age of 20.
Smart Limousin steers from A J Hepper & Son, Blue Anchor met calls of 189.
Hepper, (1996) from the Foetal Behavior Research Centre, School of Psychology, The Queen's University of Belfast, puts forth the belief that memory begins prenatally and the period of birth merely marks a transition from memory functioning in utero to memory functioning ex utero.
HONLEY Probus Club observed a silence as a mark of respect for senior member Jack Hepper, who died recently.
Professor Peter Hepper, of Queen's University Belfast, will be a keynote speaker at Babywatch 2015, the healthcare symposium organised by foetal medicine educational charity Innermost Learning.
Professor Peter Hepper outlines the problems to presenter Ranvir Singh, while she meets four people affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
The transaction was led by Derek Lewis, James Clark, Paul Hepper and Taylor Morris of Harris Williams & Co.
Commenting on the transaction, Vision-Ease president and chief executive Doug Hepper said that the investment would allow his company to expand its business capabilities within and adjacent to its core competencies and to pour more funds in global growth.