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(word root) seven
Examples of words with the root hepta-: heptagon
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Film Clinic made many box-office hits, including Sameer, Shaheer & Baheer(2010), Banat El A'am (2012), Excuse My French (2014), and Hepta: The Last Lecture (2016).
Makario, qui est kenyane, a co-fonde Hepta Analytics, societe de donnees basee a Kigali, en 2017, avec d'autres diplomes du Carnegie Mellon et du Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The Fact.MR research study outlines hepta hydrate to be the most dominant type ferrous sulfate throughout the forecast period, in terms of volume.
Within a short period of time after its release in theaters, Hepta: The Last Lecture remained a number one hit on the silver screen for months.
Producer Boney Kapoor has bought the rights to Egyptian drama 'Hepta: The Last Lecture', which will be remade in Hindi and other Indian languages.
Afterwards, she began starring in various renowned films, such as "Looking for Umm Kulthum", "Made in Egypt", "Hepta" and "Factory Girl", which has earned her multiple awards, including the Horus Award during the Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema and the Dubai International Film Festival's Muhr Award.
Sinclair and Cochrane will be joined by Brad White, P.Eng, MASc Principal of SES Consulting, Inc., and Jason Houck, Chief Information Officer of Hepta Systems to lead a conference panel discussion titled, "Are Master System Integrators Becoming the New Building Data Architects?"
For instance, The Blue Elephant, Hepta: The Last Lecture and The Price are films adapted from novels written respectively by novelists Ahmad Murad, Muhammad Sadiq and Amal Afifi.
With the World Cup returning to Asia in 2022, it is the perfect timing for the next golden generation to bring home the sixth title, what we call in Brazil the hepta. It would be a fantastic occasion to win with the Middle East hosting the region's first ever World Cup.
CM1: Dextrose 10, Peptone 5, Epsom salt 5, KH2 PO4 5, Common salt 2.5 and ferrous sulphate hepta hydrate 0.01 [5].
He also spent time as a account manager at Publicis Hepta Groupe Belarus, overseeing account activities for global brands such as Samsung, PepsiCo and Volkswagen.