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A polygon with seven sides and seven angles.

[Latin heptagōnon, from Greek heptagōnos, having seven angles : hepta-, hepta- + -gōnos, angled; see -gon.]

hep·tag′o·nal (-tăg′ə-nəl) adj.


[hepˈtægənəl] ADJheptagonal
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The four countries in the Quad (the US, Australia, Japan and India) need to include Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, thereby forming a Heptagonal Alliance.
Most cells were hexagonal (75%) in shape, with pentagonal (14%) and heptagonal (11%) cells constituting the greater portion of the remaining corneal endothelium.
The antenna is a circular monopole antenna with a heptagonal shaped slot cut in it.
At the time, the 50p was the only heptagonal coin in the world, and according to the Royal Mint, in 2014 there were an estimated 948 million 50p coins in circulation.
Metope (~frons) heptagonal in frontal view, slightly convex, sharply widest near antennae, abruptly narrowed above compound eyes, with distinct median carina, sublateral carinae absent.
Titled 7, Serra's heptagonal sculpture is made of seven steel beams, erected at the end of Museum of Islamic Art Park, facing the sea.
Next follows the hexagonal, heptagonal and octagonal numbers, and finally the general N-agon numbers.