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Of or relating to heralds or heraldry.

he·ral′di·cal·ly adv.
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Other seals from the late fourth millennium BC evoke a supernatural realm through representations of fantastic creatures such as bird-headed lions and heraldically composed snake-necked felines.
Boas's diagrams of heraldically symmetrical motifs of the Sioux Indians look suggestively like such Reinhardt caricatures as a sheet sent to his monk friend Merton in 1956.
Gill's work also appeared on the exterior where two stylised stone seahorses heraldically crown the entrance side of the drum.
In the final essay, "The Ensign of the Mop and the Dustbin;" the heraldically countercultural title introduces a discussion of poverty and class division in writings by female authors Laura Salverson and Nellie McClung.
Those who forge ahead with a disciplined, self-taught program are the most successful in producing heraldically correct and engaging designs.
No great leap was required, then, for Lewis in describing Venus or Perelandra to locate the golden apples there: Ransom "opened his eyes and saw a strange heraldically coloured tree loaded with yellow fruits and silver leaves.
That alliance has already been branded heraldically with packets of sausages emblazoned with the Duke of Cornwall's coat of arms and the Prince of Wales' feathers, now on sale at North Wales supermarkets.
In these and other cases it becomes heraldically solipsistic, faux naive, or winkingly sentimental.
There are two pairs of creatures on the stand, each pair heraldically flanking the front and back holes.
There was also a new design for the city's Coat of Arms, which would represent heraldically the principality as a whole and symbolise the circumstances of the City itself.