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n. pl. her·ald·ries
a. The profession, study, or art of devising, granting, and blazoning arms, tracing genealogies, and determining and ruling on questions of rank or protocol, as exercised by an officer of arms.
b. A branch of knowledge dealing with the history and description in proper terms of armorial bearings and their accessories.
2. Armorial ensigns or similar insignia.
3. Pomp and ceremony, especially attended with armorial trappings; pageantry.

her′ald·ist n.
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Adj.1.heraldist - of or relating to heraldry
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Heraldist Sir George McKenzie, writing in 1680, described the motto's origin: "The word was given them by King Robert Bruce, for killing all the English, in one night, in their Town, their word being that night 'Bon-Accord'".
But as a heraldist, Boulton details the Order's emblems--its famous collar, of course, but also a range of other heraldic and armorial signifiers--to make the case that these symbols came to embody Burgundian identity in the public eye.
(55) In 1659, the heraldist Claude-Oronce Fine de Brianville (d.