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1. A small horse-drawn cab with two wheels, side seats, and an entrance at the back, used in the late 1800s.
2. A four-wheeled carriage of similar construction, used as a public conveyance in the late 1800s.

[After Peter Herdic (1824-1888), American inventor.]


(Automotive Engineering) US a small horse-drawn carriage with a rear entrance and side seats
[C19: named after P. Herdic, 19th-century American inventor]
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They got into the herdic, and as it drove off he took out his watch and saw that she had been absent just three minutes.
at Temple Beth Ha Sholom, 425 Center Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, followed by lunch at the Herdic House.
Herdic coaches were low-slung closed carriages with a door in the rear and bench seats along the sides.