A herdsman or herdswoman.
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Richard has progressed through the farming world having graduating in Agriculture, he became a Herdsperson and then went into Dairy Management gaining knowledge on different systems before gaining a tenancy with the National Trust on a 650 acre farm on the Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire borders, which included its own farm shop.
This way we can have two or three students with the herdsperson getting first-hand experience of milking," he said.
After time spent working in orchards, Kath was offered a job as deer herdsperson on the JCB Estates in Staffordshire.
Herdsperson of the Year: Harold Hodgson Trophy; Richard Baynes.
In addition, the veterinarian or herdsperson may need to be on-site for an extended time, waiting for all animals to be selected.
Small blood samples are collected by the lead herdsperson, documented, and sent to the local vet lab.
The herdsperson and farmer no doubt felt good -- in addition to fed and sheltered -- because they were also making others feel fed and therefore happy.
A W Dixon, Benlaw Drew Dellia 9 Class 10 Top herd on production D M Sutherland, Ellenneff Class 11 Most improved herd Newheaton Holsteins, Newheaton Class 12 Top herd on inspection G & D W J Clark, Fleetshot Herdsperson of the year David Clark Chairman's shield Joanna Harrison John Moffitt memorial rose bowl Alan Gray
Class 462 British Charolais Cattle, Percy McReynolds Cup - Herdsperson of the best Charolais: No Results
jobs seen on large dairies include dairy manager, herdsperson, assistant herdsperson, head milker, milker, cow pusher, freshcow manager, hospital manager, breeder, crop manager, field worker, replacement manager, calf feeder, and so on.
Mr Ball, of Chloanne Holsteins based near Berwick, was also awarded herdsperson of the year.
Many of the herd management functions, which historically have been done by the herd owner or herdsperson, are now being performed on a contractual basis.