Into this matter, circumstance, situation, or place.


(Law) formal into this place, circumstance, etc


(hɪərˈɪn tu, ˌhɪər ɪnˈtu)

1. into this place.
2. into this matter or affair.
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In the modern society, Hereinto, there are many educational model of folk music in the existing education field.
Hereinto, due to the characteristics and capabilities of VIKOR method, it has received much attention from academic and practical fields [12,13].
Hereinto, channr number sets the channel number of systems.
Hereinto, the tetran-butyl-ammonium bromide (TBAB) clathrate hydrate slurry (CHS) was believed to be a promising high-density latent-heat carrying medium (Ogoshi et al.
Hereinto, acid, neutral or alkaline phosphatase was extracted by sodium acetate buffer (pH 5.
The statistical difference of four traits between two breeds was detected based on the Student's t-test technique, and hereinto both PND and WSI were the total average of all parities of an individual in a simple consideration.
A lot of manufacturers turned loss into profit, including SMIC, Dongbu HiTek, VIS, ASMC, CRMTech, Towerjazz, and X-Fabd; hereinto, SMIC made the most rapid progress with the operating margin leaping to 1.
The architecture of the artificial neural network chosen was 10x18x1 three-layer back-propagation according to Kolmogorov's theorem, hereinto, ten was the num of input neurons, the value of NI as target output, respectively.
0% YoY; hereinto, Jiangsu Yuxing Film Technology Co.
6%; hereinto, the energy-saving and eco-friendly unshaped refractory contributed more than 1/3.
At the end of December 2010, the more than 890 stations of urban rail transit in Mainland China boasted over 5500 TVMs, over 14000 ATCs, and over 2500 CVMs; hereinto, the AFC equipment quantity in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou respectively took the Top 3 positions, occupying more than 70% of the mainland total.