Into this matter, circumstance, situation, or place.


(Law) formal into this place, circumstance, etc


(hɪərˈɪn tu, ˌhɪər ɪnˈtu)

1. into this place.
2. into this matter or affair.
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The object of the procurement is a portfolio management service for illiquid investments in accordance with this invitation to submit a request to participate (hereinto referred to as "service").
Hereinto, Figure 3(a) shows the [DELTA][Hb[O.sub.2]] calculated with the reference channel S2-D1, and Figure 3(b) shows the block averaged result.
Hereinto, GPR is a kind of geophysical detection technology based on electromagnetic wave, which is nondestructive, low-cost, portable, effective, fast, and accurate [4].
Hereinto, the amount of the resulting copolymer solution is 3.0% by weight of cement (bwoc).
Hereinto, Minmod is the lower bound of second-order TVD region and Superbee is upper bound of second-order TVD region.
Hereinto, direct power control (DPC) strategy has become one of the hot research topics in recent years, because of its fast dynamic response, simple structure, and high power factor, and so on [8, 11, 12, 14, 16-18].
Hereinto, the relation curve of 1958 represents a natural state of river channel without human disturbance.
In the modern society, Hereinto, there are many educational model of folk music in the existing education field.
Hereinto, modal parameters including mode frequencies, mode shapes, and damping ratios are selected as the eigenvectors.
Hereinto, [u.sub.1], [y.sub.1] are the system input and output, that is, turning heading torque and heading angle, respectively, [f.sub.1](*) is the system nonlinear part, and [b.sub.10] is the input gain coefficient.
Hereinto, Geobacter sulfurreducens and Betaproteobacteria have been evaluated for the potential for current production.