Related to hereto: hereon


To this document, matter, or proposition.


1. (Law) formal to this place, thing, matter, document, etc
2. an obsolete word for hitherto



also here•un•to

(hɪərˈʌn tu, ˌhɪər ʌnˈtu)

to this matter, document, subject, etc.; regarding this point: attached hereto; agreeable hereto.
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Adv.1.hereto - to this writing or document; "the charts hereto attached"


[ˌhɪəˈtuː] ADV (Jur) → a esto
the parties heretolas partes abajofirmantes
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Delivery, installation and commissioning of a brand new X-ray machine, together with associated equipment in accordance with the Technical Specification constituting Appendix 1 hereto. 2.
PUBLIC DANCE HALL ACT, 1935 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR ANNUAL PUBLIC DANCE LICENCE TAKE NOTICE that Application will be made on behalf of the person mentioned in the First Column of the Schedule hereto to the District Judge sitting at Midleton District Court on Thursday the 25th day of September 2014 at 10.30 a.m.
Tania was then buried at Bedwas cemetery amidst a colourful blaze of floral tributes.: 'I wish you were here':I wish you were hereTo dry up my eyesI wish you were hereTo take away my fearsI wish you were here To make me smile and laughI wish you were hereTo guide me on my pathI wish you were hereTo tell me right from wrongI wish you were hereTo share our favourite songsI wish you were here To watch the sun ariseI wish you were hereTo see your bright blue eyesThe angels came so suddenlyTo carry you to heaven's gateI wish you were hereI hope, my love, you'll wait.
the contractor is obliged to execute the order in accordance with the technical specifications of performance and acceptance of services constituting appendix 2 hereto. 2.
1.Przedmiot order is described in Appendix A hereto and Annex 2 to SIWZ.2.Zamawiajacy down the minimum conditions for warranty and service offered by the furniture 3.
12 m MAXI , where the technical requirements are described in Appendix 1 hereto buses running of the schedules described in Appendix 1 hereto or: b) 1 863 130 (say: one million eight hundred sixty-three thousand one hundred thirty) +20% / - 20% (twenty plus / minus twenty) wozokilometrw, hereinafter referred to as "wozokm", using 23 (21 to move, 2 reserve), buses a length of approx.
Project Information: Polk County intends to contract for civil engineering services related to the subdivision platting/approval process as stated within the Polk County Subdivision Regulations attached hereto as Exhibit A and the Polk County Bridge/Culvert Repair and Replacement Policy attached hereto as Exhibit B .
Part I - the supply of grocery items - detailed scope is attached as Appendix 3 hereto.
A detailed description of the contract is contained in Appendix 1 hereto. Quantitative Summary is contained in Annex 5 hereto.
11 hereto. The contractor is obliged to execute the contract for Part I of the contract under the terms and conditions set out in the model contract attached as Appendix No.
1 - Parts different - Appendix 2.1 hereto,- Task 2 - Bearings - Appendix 2.2 of the Terms of Reference,- Task 3 - Wiper - Appendix 2.3 of the Terms of Reference,- Task No.