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An inheritor.

[Alteration of Middle English heriter, from Anglo-Norman, from Medieval Latin hērēditārius; see hereditary.]


(Law) Scots law a person who inherits; inheritor
heritress, ˈheritrix fem n


(ɪnˈhɛr ɪ tər)

a person who inherits; heir.
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Noun1.heritor - a person who is entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit the estate of another
recipient, receiver - a person who receives something
heir apparent - an heir whose right to an inheritance cannot be defeated if that person outlives the ancestor
heir-at-law - the person legally entitled to inherit the property of someone who dies intestate
heiress, inheritress, inheritrix - a female heir
heir presumptive - a person who expects to inherit but whose right can be defeated by the birth of a nearer relative
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