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1. An animal or plant exhibiting hermaphroditism.
2. Something that is a combination of disparate or contradictory elements.

[Middle English hermofrodite, from Medieval Latin hermofrodītus, from Latin Hermaphrodītus, Hermaphroditus, hermaphrodite; see Hermaphroditus.]

her·maph′ro·dit′ic (-dĭt′ĭk) adj.
her·maph′ro·dit′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.hermaphroditic - of or relating to monoclinous plants
monoclinous - having pistils and stamens in the same flower
2.hermaphroditic - of animal or plant; having both male female reproductive organs
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
androgynous - having both male and female characteristics


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Limited tenders are invited for 1)fiber optic cable 4 channel gloss black hermaphroditic tfoca-ii plug with hawke gland and kellum grip (fs4h1002-3a1a1) to plug with hawke gland and kellum grip assembly, multimode fiber optic cable (oc040713-03), double jacketed, bronze braided, 4 fiber (4c x 62.5/125 micrometer) plug to plug assembly - 330 feet long to afsi part no 30178806-3-330.
The simple, but robust hermaphroditic component geometry design, with low part count, can be mated and re-mated reliably with a simple LC-style latch.
Sexuality can be linked to both invertebrate systematics and to environment; thus some invertebrate taxa appear to be exclusively or predominantly hermaphroditic, e.g.
(6) With the exception of some species of frogs, teleost fish species are the only known vertebrates with sequentially hermaphroditic representatives, (7) a reproductive strategy that has multiple evolutionary origins in fishes, having been reported in 27 taxonomic families spread across nine orders.
The hermaphroditic compass starts life as a male then becomes a female and then produces larvae after being fertilised by a male.
The rest are hermaphroditic females that reproduce by self-fertilising, or selfing.
Hermaphroditic species have the potential to self-fertilize; however, in broadcast-spawning marine invertebrates, selling is thought to be relatively rare (but see Jarne and Auld.
Molex has introduced a hermaphroditic CyClone Panel-to-Panel Connector System designed for secure high-mating cycle connections, the company said.
They're hermaphroditic, which means they have the reproductive organs of both sexes and both individuals will lay eggs after mating.
Strange hermaphroditic creatures wandering about in Pierrot costumes or modern dress; quite a new world of my own creation.' It is a world instantly recognisable, and the influence of Japan would persist in Beardsley's asymmetries and use of line, as well as in his eroticism and eye for the grotesque.
It additionally shows how all three writers exploit Ovidian hermaphroditic imagery in order to undermine the intersecting ideals of linguistic integrity, classically inspired amity, and Neoplatonic harmony.