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 (hûr′mə-no͞o′tĭk, -nyo͞o′-) also her·me·neu·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
Interpretive; explanatory.

[Greek hermēneutikos, from hermēneutēs, interpreter, from hermēneuein, to interpret, from hermēneus, interpreter.]

her′me·neu′ti·cal·ly adv.


(ˌhɜːmɪˈnjuːtɪk) or


1. (Theology) of or relating to the interpretation of Scripture; using or relating to hermeneutics
2. interpretive
ˌhermeˈneutically adv
ˌhermeˈneutist n


(ˌhɜr məˈnu tɪk, -ˈnyu-)

also her`me•neu′ti•cal,

of or pertaining to hermeneutics; interpretative.
[1800–10; < Greek hermēneutikós of or for interpreting =hermēneú(ein) to make clear, interpret, derivative of hermēneús interpreter + -tikos -tic]


- An adjective meaning "concerned with interpretation," especially of scripture.
See also related terms for interpretation.
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Adj.1.hermeneutic - interpretive or explanatory


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In the hands of subsequent thinkers, however, it has by now become less an embarrassment than a prescriptive article of faith: for literary and cultural critics, the prevailing theoretical challenge has been to find ever more subtle and searching ways of implementing a hermeneutic of suspicion.
His topics are intellectual expulsion, historical forms of mysticism, the path of demystification, a letter from Rene Girard, transition: corrections and paradoxes, Girard's ontological argument for the existence of God, mimetic theory's post-Kantian legacy, mimetic theory and hermeneutic communism, the self in crisis, and hermeneutic mimetic theory.
Reading the Bible Missionally has five sections: A Missional Hermeneutic, A Missional Reading of the Old Testament, A Missional Reading of the New Testament, A Missional Reading of Scripture and Preaching, and A Missional Reading of Scripture and Theological Education.
It is a delight to see such close attention given to the music itself, pairing a sense of musically-grounded objectivity with the fluid hermeneutic approach to music that we have come to expect from Kramer.
(9) The "normate hermeneutic" impacts biblical interpretation, alters the readers' perception of the characters, and informs the very meaning of the narrative.
The Hermeneutical Engineering of Requirements is the result of the adequacy of the concepts Dasein and Hermeneutic Circle (detailed respectively in Sections 2.1 and 2.2) proposed by Martin Heidegger, to help specifically the Requirements Engineering activity, from Software Engineering.
In this paper, we turn to the literature on the philosophy of time in order to enrich our understanding of the concept, contrasting what we term the 'Newtonian' and the 'hermeneutic' perspectives on time.
MSG aims to fill this gap by combining fundamental hermeneutic approaches (semiotics, reception theory, reader response, theories of representation, narrative theory) with recent theories of ludic structure (game ontology) into a hermeneutic theory of game meaning, which can be used as a set of tools and concepts for game analysis and criticism.
acknowledges that the totus Christus or the christological approach (see Michael Fiedrowicz, Psalmus vox totius Christi: Studien zu Augustins "Enarrationes in Psalmos" [1997]) undoubtedly contributes to the comprehension of Augustine's hermeneutic in the Enarrationes.
To do so, Hustwit takes us through a history of hermeneutic philosophy that is truly a tour de force.
The hypothesis I wish to explore is whether the familiar shorthand description of therapy as 'the talking cure' might be extended to include the concept of hermeneutics. Can the beliefs expressed in everyday speech be revealed and explored through a hermeneutic process in which translation and interpretation is a central feature?
Against this backdrop, the present paper aspires to show how recourse to the hermeneutic dimension--as manifested in particular in Gadamer's philosophical hermeneutics--is needed to correct for these phronetic lacunae, both by elucidating the conditions needed to advance the dialogical ideal and by providing these with the requisite philosophical grounding.