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 (hûr′mə-no͞o′tĭk, -nyo͞o′-) also her·me·neu·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
Interpretive; explanatory.

[Greek hermēneutikos, from hermēneutēs, interpreter, from hermēneuein, to interpret, from hermēneus, interpreter.]

her′me·neu′ti·cal·ly adv.
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For Islam this is what is called "the hermeneutically privileged position" (viz.
Patte begins a threefold commentary on Paul's Letter to the Romans, in which he intends to present, side by side, in separate chapters, three critical interpretations of the entire letter, carefully following contemporary exegetes so as to demonstrate that, despite their marked differences, each is equally legitimate critically and plausible hermeneutically. This first volume is limited to Romans 1:1-32 because it contains much introductory material that is not repeated in subsequent volumes.
While she hopes to reveal the correlation between Vita Nuova, Inferno, and Purgatorio, the scholar constructs a new model for the poetics of tears, which turns out to be hermeneutically evocative in Dante's text.
That is, instead of reading the interviews to understand their semantic meaning, I hermeneutically read into these discourses to scrutinize their form and structure, to render visible their presuppositions, and to under-go with their reasoning movement.
In Kahn's analysis, Renaissance allegory both anticipates Enlightenment aesthetics and provides a richer, because more hermeneutically dynamic and embedded, model of aesthetic experience than what Kant would go on to formulate.
In this broader philosophical, socio-cultural contextualization, Gadamer's notion of understanding is hermeneutically more encompassing than that of Heidegger.
What this also does is delegitimise "hermeneutically rich feminisms in the postcolonial world" (ibid, p.
Where, in neo-Scholasticism, the dignity of conscience derives from a "natural" teleological ordering, that is, a "rightful conscience" obedient to truth, dignity now figures as a regulative ideal, both hermeneutically constraining and informing political ends.
321/933) time and suggests that real Hanafi hadith and usul al-fiqh consciousness started in the seventh/thirteenth century with al-'Ayni and Ibn al-Humam (who, ultimately, were "hermeneutically flexible" in their approach).
A hermeneutically inspired interrogation of conatus allows Brienza to step back phenomenologically within Vico (with assistance from Martin Heidegger) to reconstruct the inner historical sensibility of Italy's long legacy of law and society.
This translation might be risky and has a significant influence on the way the authors understand and interpret the discursive practice hermeneutically. For instance, Johnson misses the Thai title of the film Laddaland (2010), putting too much emphasis in his framing analysis of that film on the English version The Golden Land.