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(Animals) an archaic or dialect word for heron
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(ˈhɛr ən)

any of various long-legged, long-necked wading birds of the family Ardeidae, usu. having a spearlike bill.
[1275–1325; Middle English hero(u)n < Middle French hairon < Germanic; compare Old High German heigir]


(ˈhɪər ɒn)

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References in classic literature ?
If she'd just let that tight hair of hern all out loose and careless-like, as it used ter be, and wear the sort of bunnits with posies in 'em, and the kind o' dresses all lace and white things--you'd see she'd be handsome!
When we got home Aunt Sally was that glad to see me she laughed and cried both, and hugged me, and give me one of them lickings of hern that don't amount to shucks, and said she'd serve Sid the same when he come.
"Say?--why, she kinder larfed in her eyes--dem great handsome eyes o' hern; and, says she, `Well, Aunt Chloe, I think you are about in the right on 't,' says she; and she went off in de parlor.
We closed on April 10, and we think it's gone extremely well," Hern said.
"Thousands of Oklahomans are employed in the energy sector, an industry that is directly impacted by the work of the Natural Resources Committee," Hern said.
"When I met the vendors, the first thing Michelle did was lead me into the lounge," said Mike Baillie, a director at Hern & Crabtree.
The unidentified woman who was 25 weeks pregnant when she aborted, alleges that Hern "missed part of the fetus' skull--found embedded in the wall of her uterus more than a year later," according to the Lincoln Journal Star's Lori Pilger.
Hern: Before I got into franchising, I was an aerospace engineer and worked for Rockwell International.
The first trip through takes about 10 minutes, Hern said, describing the attractions inside, including a "zombie lady" and some ghoulish scenarios meant to thrill.
Alex Hern is a technology reporter for the Guardian.
Hern brings more than 26 years of commercial real estate finance and asset management and disposition experience to Arbor.
"We see the really disappointing data on how few students make it through" says Hern, who co-chairs the California project with math teacher Myra Snell, an instructor at Los Medanos College.