herniated disk

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her′niated disk′

an abnormal protrusion of a spinal disk between vertebrae. Also called slipped disk.
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Anderson, who suffered a herniated disk in his neck last January, is a big loss for the up-and-coming Pelicans this season.
Other causes include a herniated disk and degenerative arthritis of the spine.
A herniated disk occurs when some of the soft inner cartilage of the disk protrudes outward through a crack or tear in the tougher outer layer.
But if pain radiates down the leg or your legs feel tingly, numb or weak, the problem could be a bulging or herniated disk compressing a nerve in the spine, and prompt medical attention is recommended.
Washington, June 29 (ANI): A herniated disk is one of the most frequent causes of low back and leg pain in adults, but not everyone needs to go for surgery, according to a literature review.
A patient with LSS usually has a negative straight leg raise test because LSS is a far less inflammatory condition than a herniated disk.
Pavel was forced out with a herniated disk in his lower back, which he sustained in the fifth set of a third-round victory over Hyung-Taik Lee of Korea.
If it squirts out of the annulus fibrosus, it is a herniated disk that can be painful.