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n. hernioplastia, reparación quirúrgica de una hernia.
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To study the comparison between herniorrhaphy using Prolene sutures and hernioplasty using Prolene mesh as repair techniques in cases of inguinal hernias.
A prospective study comparing diathermy and scalpel incisions in tension-free inguinal hernioplasty.
Keywords: Inguinal hernia, Ilioinguinal nerve, Lichtenstein hernioplasty, Post-operative pain.
Ninety two male patients between the age of 20-60 years who reported for direct or indirect inguinal hernia repair with open herniotomy and hernioplasty or herninorrhaphy (Mesh repair (Lichtenstein) or darn repair) in emergency or electively from January 2014 to December 2015 were enrolled in this prospective randomized control trial (RCT).
Although open hernioplasty with the use of polypropylene mesh constitutes the most frequent technique, laparoscopic approaches has been increasingly used in recent years (8).
Objectives: To determine the efficacy of local versus spinal anaesthesia for mesh inguinal hernioplasty in terms to postoperative pain.
The 'plug free' position of the connector of a bilayer patch device in patients with indirect inguinal hernioplasty is a safe procedure with low rate of chronic pain, no intestinal damage, and standard low recurrence.
There are many different approaches to the surgical repair of hernias, including herniorrhaphy, hernioplasty, and herniotomy.
Steps included: 1) incision of the prepuce to visualize the penis and catheterized the urethra with Foley catheter; 2) right inguinal transversal incision (resection of the large sac of direct hernia M3 (EHS) with all of the sigmoid colon and bladder; hernioplasty with two low-density polypropilene meshes [preperitoneal and anterior]; 3) resection of a large tumour (location and ligation of left spermatic cord in the inguinal canal; wide excision of scrotal mass of 40 x 40 cm and 29 kg, including scrotal skin and left testicle [which was surrounded by mass] [Fig.
y/sex surgery cyst 1 ([dagger]) NA/M Laparotomy Peritoneum 2 ([dagger]) 35/F Laparotomy Peritoneum 3 ([dagger]) NA/M Laparotomy Peritoneum 4 NA/M Hernioplasty Peritoneum 5 NA/F Cesarean Omentum section 6 36/F Laparotomy, Left ovary appendectomy 7 42/F Laparotomy, Omentum appendectomy Sequencing result Patient Pentastomid 18S Armillifer cytochrome no.
Left Giant Amyand Hernia, Treatment Using Appendicectomy and Hernioplasty Without Tension: Case Report