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n. hernioplastia, reparación quirúrgica de una hernia.
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While briefing he informed that till now have 5,212 availed services for normal delivery and 8,868 have undergone through C section operation and 1,505 for angiography and stenting , 1064 have been operated for open heart bypass, 1522 cancer, 8310 dialysis, 3016 trauma , 5428 cholecystectomy, 8,864 for hernioplasty, 8,373 for appendectomy, 11,104 cataract eye and 9,920 hysterectomy.
With the necessity of prosthesis for the repair of inguinal hernia in mind, and focusing on the principle of "no tension" (Considered one of the great principles of surgery by Halsted), the Lichtenstein group popularized routine use of mesh in 1984 and coined the term "Tension free hernioplasty".
Group-A patients underwent mesh repair by the onlay method while group-B patients underwent mesh hernioplasty via the sublay technique.
Another controversy regarding management of Amyand's hernia is whether to do hernioplasty or not.
Dr Channakeshava and consultant gastrointestinal surgeon Dr Baiju Senadhipan performed a procedure called laparoscopic diaphragmatic hernioplasty with mesh and carefully worked through the challenges of the case.
The objective of this study was to compare polypropylene suture and skin staples for securing mesh in uncomplicated ventral hernioplasty in terms of acute and chronic postoperative pain and to compare the time taken for mesh fixation between polypropylene sutures and skin stapler in ventral hernioplasty.
Seroma is a postoperative complication following laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal repair (TAPP) for inguinal/ femoral hernioplasty. Seroma naturally resolves in most cases, but it can lead to an increased amount of visits to the outpatient clinic and can result in anxiety of the patients because they misunderstand seroma as recurrence of hernia.
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