hero worshiper

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Noun1.hero worshiper - someone who worships heroes
worshiper, worshipper - someone who admires too much to recognize faults
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Carlyle is a hero worshiper, and in Cromwell as a hero he can find no fault.
Based on an extensive review of open-source journalistic reports, we examined the available psychobiographic information and histories of 43 lone wolf terrorists and have been able to differentiate four types of lone wolves: glory seekers, hero worshipers, lonely romantics, and radical altruists (Behav.
Every pica (6-8 inch long lances), and every banderilla (sharp, harpoon-like darts), plunged into the bull's body are cheered by the matador's hero worshipers. The greatest cheer is reserved for the kill blow from the matador's sword.