hero worshipper

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Noun1.hero worshipper - someone who worships heroes
worshiper, worshipper - someone who admires too much to recognize faults
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The meeting with young Narendra Nath Datta's hero worshipper Sree Ramakrishna Deva marked the turning point in young Narendra Nath's life.
Gandhi has been a big influence in his life but he refuses to be what he calls "a hero worshipper." His hero, instead, is his mother.
Still a hero worshipper who maybe no longer wore a black and white rosette made by my grandma from her clippy mats but just as passionately one-eyed.
Lopez is not exactly a hero worshipper of Enrile, as his family was among the first victims of the crackdown unleashed by the then defense minister to crush the enemies tagged by the dictator as the greedy "oligarchy"--and yet the Lopez media network ABS-CBN published the memoir and celebrated the launch of Enrile's apologia.
I am not a born hero worshipper and do not regard him as infallible.
Daydream Believer: Confessions of a Hero Worshipper by Hugh Massingberd (Pan Macmillan, pounds 16.99)
That little fella, the hero worshipper clinging on to the neck of his dad, a fitter and turned in the Swan Hunter yards, was to go on to be a Wembley winner TWICE over and an England international to boot.
That the biographer of James Maxton - make that hero worshipper - should see out the last days of his service vainly, desperately seeking to shore up a colonial adventure that would have embarrassed Lord Palmerston is sadder, much sadder, than the rending asunder of Mrs Gallagher's two wee boys.
In politics, that desire can be dangerous: how many hero worshippers have surrendered to a strutting, loud-mouthed demagogue?