heroic poetry

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Noun1.heroic poetry - poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero
poesy, poetry, verse - literature in metrical form
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99) This book offers a broad historical survey of Welshlanguage culture from 6thcentury heroic poetry to television and pop culture in the early 21st century.
Treasure and material values are themes recurrent in Old English heroic poetry and are often depicted as being at the centre of communal values.
Soviet heroic poetry in context; folklore or fakelore.
The second essay by Haferland, "The Hatred of Enemies: Germanic Heroic Poetry and the Narrative Design of the Heliand," again perhaps passe, uses "acculturation" theory to argue how the Heliand poet, an oral singer motivated by the terms of heroic poetry, employs "narrative features" (212) from Germanic heroic poetry and places the Jesus story in the combative "narrative world" (215) of that genre to depict Jesus and his followers as heroically resisting their hateful Jewish enemies.
The heroic poetry is essentially a historical narrative and has always been remarkable for its national character.
In sum, this lively book is a stimulating and much-needed study of the difficulties Renaissance epic poets faced, and of some of the solutions they found, when they had to replace the Olympian deities of classical heroic poetry with a Christian God that is unique, infinite, all-powerful, and good.
Dryden was the first to attribute Milton's sublime style to a rhetorical technique (Jensen 111) and, in "The Author's apology For Heroic Poetry and Poetic License" which prefaced "The State of Innocence," his own operatic vision of Paradise Lost, Dryden took on the role of critic when he judged Milton's heroic verse.
If you live in this weak, friendly nation, as I do, you're especially susceptible to artists like Syberberg--artists who open the door to a world we thought no longer existed, a world of myths and heroic poetry.
This slim collection (162 pages, including index) gives us essays on humour and heroic poetry (John Niles on Byrhtnoth's laughter in The Battle of Maldon, Raymond P.
On the other hand, the field work of Parry and his collaborators in Yugoslavia, where they studied the oral heroic poetry of the Serbian guslars, concluded that the Homeric epics could be seen as the works of an oral tradition.
For the many years spent acquiring recognition, even fame, for his paintings, novels, and verse, Leonardas Gutauskas also kept beside him a paper box of special poems he wrote to the Muses of music, history, love, heroic poetry, and astronomy.
Eubank talks about his love of the warrior ethic, his thoughts on the meaning of valour and confesses that he likes to indulge in 19th century heroic poetry.