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A white or colorless crystalline compound, C28H34O15, occurring in citrus fruit.

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(Biochemistry) a glycoside extracted from orange peel or other citrus fruits and used to treat capillary fragility
[C19: from New Latin hesperidium + -in]
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(hɛˈspɛr ɪ dɪn)

a crystallizable, bioflavinoid glycoside, C28H34O15, occurring in most citrus fruits, esp. in the spongy envelope of oranges and lemons.
[1830–40; Hesperid(es) + -in1]
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Components Contents (mg/mL) Mean [+ or -] SD RSD (mg/mL) (%) FA 1 FA 2 FA 3 Naringin 25.50 24.69 24.35 24.84 [+ or -] 0.59 2.37 Hesperidin 4.99 5.13 5.35 5.16 [+ or -] 0.18 3.52 Neohesperidin 14.28 15.81 14.92 15.00 [+ or -] 0.76 5.10 Meranzin hydrate 0.35 0.34 0.36 0.35 [+ or -] 0.01 2.33 Naringenin 0.27 0.27 0.29 0.28 [+ or -] 0.01 4.87 Hesperetin 0.19 0.20 0.20 0.20 [+ or -] 0.01 2.83 TABLE 2: Regression equations, correlation coefficients, linear ranges, LOD, and LLOQ of meranzin hydrate, naringenin, and hesperetin in rat plasma.
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For example, hesperetin aglycone (the active form of the flavonoid hesperidin) is metabolized by the cytochrome isoforms P450 CYP1A and CYP1B1.
Ferulic acid (1.27 mg), naringin (1.97 mg), hesperidin (1.57 mg), neohesperidin (2.03 mg), berberine (2.70 mg), palmatine (2.23 mg), limonin (1.56 mg), and glycyrrhizic acid (2.83 mg) were weighted, respectively.
The relatively lower biological importance of fresh tangerine peels is correlated to its high water content [9] and the low concentration of the function compounds, such as hesperidin. The Chinese pharmacopoeia explicitly stipulated that moisture content in Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae must be no more than 13% and that hesperidin content in Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae must be more than 3.5%.
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Ellagic acid, gallic acid, catechin, epicatechin, rutin, hesperidin, and quercetin were of analytical grade (Sigma, St.
The most complete vitamin C contains hesperidin, rutin and flavonoids, or labeled citrus salts.
The, daily ingestion of the flavanones hesperidin, G-hesperidin and naringin found in citrus fruits and beverages promoted antihypertensive and antithrombotic effects in a stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive animal model (Ikemura et al.
Transglycosylated stevia and hesperidin as pharmaceutical excipients: Dramatic improvement in drug dissolution and bioavailability.
--deficiency in hesperidin (a flavonoid) which is a compound associated with vitamin C, especially in citrus and determine the normal functioning of blood vessels;
The use of citrus bioflavonoids, which include rutin, quercetin, hesperidin, and naringin, has shown clinical results in the treatment of capillary permeability associated with allergic rhinitis.