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(ˌhɛs pəˈrɔr nɪs)

a toothed aquatic bird of the extinct genus Hesperornis, known from Cretaceous fossils.
[< New Latin (1872) < Greek Hésper(os) Hesperus + órnis bird]
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New Dino: Hesperornis - A bird that's tamed for its specialized eggs with helpful proteins &nbsp;
It has very small wings and is the only living species that can give us an idea of what the famous Cretaceous genus Hesperornis must have been like.
The next chapter (The Cretaceous-Divers and Seabirds) covers not only the extinct diver Hesperornis and seabird Ichthyornis and closest of kin from the Cretaceous, but also includes a curious pastiche of topics from enantiornithine land birds to DNA-DNA hybridization.