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(hɪˈtɪərɪzəm) or


1. the state of being a concubine
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) sociol anthropol a social system attributed to some primitive societies, in which women are communally shared
heˈtaerist, heˈtairist n
ˌhetaeˈristic, ˌhetaiˈristic adj

hetaerism, hetairism

1. the practice of concubinage.
2. a social system characterized by its regarding women as common property. — hetaerist, hetairist, n. — hetaeristic, hetairistic, adj.
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Pushkin, who was acquainted with Ypsilantis and other Hetairists in Kishinev, wrote enthusiastically about the events in a letter to a friend: "I am informing you of occurrences which will have consequences not only for our land, but for all of Europe.
(10) In addition to its large Greek population, which included the Hetairists, Kishinev was then home to leading figures in Russia's bberal and intellectual circles, and it was in the company of men like M.
Left to themselves, the Hetairists succumbed to dissension and were soon overpowered by the far better armed Turks.