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A change or set of changes in the timing or duration of an organism's ontogenetic development compared with an ancestral species, resulting in morphological differences between ancestor and descendant.

[hetero- + Greek khronos, time + -y.]

het′e·ro·chron′ic, het′e·ro·chron′ous adj.
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They found that for highly specialised skulls, such as those for feeding on nectar or blood, a process called heterochrony strongly influenced their development.
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Protracted juvenilism (heterochrony, paedomorphosis, or neoteny of various authors) is a feature of angiosperm woods almost exclusively.
Heterochrony is greatly important to determine developmental timing of reproductive and somatic gene expressions (Gould 1977), and has been considered an important mechanism in the evolution of the Copepoda (Huys and Boxshall 1991).
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elegans heterochrony gene lin-4 encodes small RNAs with antisense complementarity to lin-14.
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Keywords: Postmodernism, temporality, chronology, heterochrony, pluritemporality.
Highlighting heterochrony, excavating subaltern and peripheral histories, and espousing a materialism that retains little if any association with Marxism, the catalogue texts (there are dozens) have an irreproachable quality.