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A change or set of changes in the timing or duration of an organism's ontogenetic development compared with an ancestral species, resulting in morphological differences between ancestor and descendant.

[hetero- + Greek khronos, time + -y.]

het′e·ro·chron′ic, het′e·ro·chron′ous adj.
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Non-heterochronic developmental changes underlie morphological heterochrony in the evolution of the Ardeidae.
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Keywords: Postmodernism, temporality, chronology, heterochrony, pluritemporality.
Highlighting heterochrony, excavating subaltern and peripheral histories, and espousing a materialism that retains little if any association with Marxism, the catalogue texts (there are dozens) have an irreproachable quality.
heterotypy, heterochrony, heterometry, and heterotopy) supplement and extend the Modern Synthesis, but symbiotic and epigenetic contributions could be more revolutionary (p.
Heterochrony helped dethrone recapitulation as biology's grand narrative, undermining the scientific justification of old hierarchies and prejudices.
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Heterochrony is the umbrella term for protracted juvenilism and accelerated adulthood.
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