heterocyclic ring

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Noun1.heterocyclic ring - a ring of atoms of more than one kind; especially a ring of carbon atoms containing at least one atom that is not carbon
closed chain, ring - (chemistry) a chain of atoms in a molecule that forms a closed loop
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The Dmtu complex was found to be inactive against MCF7 cell line which may be due to lack of heterocyclic ring in the complex.
This results in the formation of a big, essential planar heterocyclic ring system with 4.
Polyphenols share a common structural component: a phenol or an aromatic ring, usually two, with at least one hydroxyl, methyl, or acetyl group linked via a three-carbon bond to form a six-unit heterocyclic ring.
This volume outlines a methodology of regioselective synthesis of aromatic and nonaromatic carbocyclic and heterocyclic ring systems based mainly on [2+2+2] and [4+2] cycloaddition, and other reactions of acetylenic units, including enediynes and enyne-allenes.
The amino group is ready-made nucleophilic center for the synthesis of condensed heterocyclic ring [4-5].
at different positions whereas the set-II chalcones were containing one heterocyclic ring such as pyridinyl, pyrrolyl, furanyl, thienyl and indolyl.