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It then heterodynes these normally imperceptible sounds down into the audible range where they are observed on a meter for trending and comparison purposes and heard through headphones.
And not merely do they wish to preserve these things from the other worldly threat of the heterodyne (the series of monsters/natural phenomena that menace the peace) but, as becomes plain during the course of the series, the characters are putting forward such a liberal vision as a specific rejection of other, darker social visions.
In the year 2018 an unknown type of monster called a heterodyne appeared off Japan's coast, wandered into the Tokyo area and was ultimately destroyed only by the use of a weapon of mass destruction [satsuriku heiki] known as an OE Weapon.
In 2030, twelve years after the first heterodyne, another suddenly emerges while Dai-Guard is appearing at a company public relations event in the seaside city of Atami.
The pseudoscience behind the heterodyne is both complex and nonsensical and need not detain us.
This helps make the heterodyne into the perfect Japanese enemy.