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Multiple sessions of focus group discussions with heterogamous groups unveil various shortcoming and weaknesses of the existing organisations of civil society in the province.
data), indicating the female heterogamous (ZW/ZZ) sex determination of bluegill.
Heterogamous data: The AR views should be enriched only if tagged, untagged and contextual information could be mixed together for future display of AR Space (Kooper and Macintyre, 2000; Olsson et al.
Thirty Hui homogamous couples and twenty heterogamous ones of Hui husbands and Han wives were selected for sampling.
Using global level data, trade openness, financial development, industrialisation, urbanisation and CO2 emissions nexus could be investigated by applying heterogamous panel under cross-sectional dependence framework.
EDW provides the heterogamous environment to make analytical and decision support requirements of organization.
Capitula homogamous or heterogamous, discoid, disciform, ligulate, or radiate, isomorphic or heteromorphic with dimorphic, sub-dimorphic, or rarely with trimorphic florets, with one to numerous florets; receptacle epaleate to paleate, glabrous, pilose, setose to fimbriate; involucre uniseriate to multiseriate.
Third, we expect that the relative differences between marriage and cohabitation and between English and French Canada will result not only in different levels of homogamy but that they will also directly influence assortative mating among heterogamous couples, i.
Some analysts do not believe that privileging regional FTA is a good idea because it is creating heterogamous development poles that could slow down the development of rural regions.
The most heterogamous were the sons of skilled workers (III) and unskilled workers (IV).
The following paper will concentrate on the ways Corinne embodies this new genius, this modern genius that is at once heterogamous, having both male and female traits, and heterogeneous, revealing a combination of oppositional but non-gendered characteristics.