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Exhibiting heterogamy.
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(ˌhɛt əˈrɒg ə məs)

1. having unlike gametes, or reproducing by the union of such gametes (opposed to isogamous).
2. having flowers or florets of two sexually different kinds (opposed to homogamous).
het`er•og′a•my, n.
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The texture of this emerging dissatisfied bloc is heterogamous in essence.
Religiously heterogamous couples may also be less likely to worship or do other religious activities together, which research suggests can be a protective factor in marriages (e.g., Call & Heaton, 1997; Mahoney et al., 1999; Vaaler, et al., 2009).
It is known that the sex of the embryo is determined from the time of fertilization: the XY heterogamous chromosomes determine males and homorganic females (Wilhelm et al.).
pestis (CO-92) can survive and replicate intracellularly within the social, heterogamous ameba D.
As a heterogamous computing platform, ACSA includes multiple processing cores and hardware accelerators.
Multiple sessions of focus group discussions with heterogamous groups unveil various shortcoming and weaknesses of the existing organisations of civil society in the province.
Developing suitable mechanisms to update links between resources in the IT tool chain and synchronizing a heterogamous tool chain when introducing an engineering change is not a trivial task.
hansenii strains are haploid and can be reproduced vegetatively by forming of multilateral budding [3] via sexual reproduction (heterogamous conjugation) leading to short diplophase and then by meiosis and ascospore formation.
data), indicating the female heterogamous (ZW/ZZ) sex determination of bluegill.
Heterogamous data: The AR views should be enriched only if tagged, untagged and contextual information could be mixed together for future display of AR Space (Kooper and Macintyre, 2000; Olsson et al., 2012; and Leigh and Maes, 2015)
On the other hand, the frequency of homogamy directly determines the extent of acculturation/retention of an ethnic minority as the families in which parents share the same cultural traits (homogamous families) exhibit more retentionist attitude towards their shared traits than the families with mixed cultural parents (heterogamous families).